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Maestro Super Echo 0 replies Requests
Re: Boss FZ-2 1 reply Requests
Re: Iketara Iku – Dual EQ (verified) 0 replies Wahs, Filters, and EQs
Re: SkyRipper Fuzz 2 replies Requests
Re: Photobucket Fix 0 replies Open Chat
Re: CMOXX Tone Machine - Verified 0 replies Booster, OD, Fuzz, Distortion
Re: SkyRipper Fuzz 5 replies Requests
Re: Pladask Elektrisk Gjengangar (prototype version) 0 replies Unverified Layouts
Re: Pt2399 feedback control 1 reply Open Chat
Re: poor mans 4 waveform signal generator (on stripboard) 1 reply Open Chat
Re: SkyRipper Fuzz 7 replies Requests
Re: Echopathetic analog delay 1 reply Delay, Reverb
Re: Amps for low volume / home practice? 2 replies Open Chat
Re: Boss FZ-2 3 replies Requests
D*A*M Slo-Mod Meathead 0 replies Open Chat
EBS Multicomp 0 replies Requests
Re: Escobedo PWM with Mods -Verified 0 replies Synths & Noisemakers
Re: PCB's for sale 1 reply Friend's Market
Re: Groble (Green Ringer Octave Blend) 0 replies Open Chat
Re: Tesseract Reverb 1 reply Unverified Layouts