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Re: Engineer's Thumb tone control 1 reply Open Chat
Re: Industrial fuzz schematic to Vero 0 replies Requests
Re: question about gyrator eqs on main page 2 replies Open Chat
Re: Original Dallas Rangemaster Master 21 replies Unverified Layouts
Re: 1 Knob Noise Gate 4 replies Utility Boxes - Blend, Power, Looper, etc.
Re: LOVEPEDAL SUPER SIX STEVIE MOD 22 replies Booster, OD, Fuzz, Distortion
Re: Tortenmann TA-100 (Verified!) 2 replies Booster, OD, Fuzz, Distortion
Re: ROG britannia clean version. 6 replies Open Chat
Re: JHS Twin Twelve sounds too gated and sputtery 0 replies Debugging
Re: Hudson Electronic Broadcast 0 replies Preamps
Re: Hudson Electronic Broadcast 2 replies Preamps
Re: Horror stories from people for whom you built pedals 19 replies Open Chat
Re: ReAmping 0 replies Open Chat
Re: Headphone distribution 0 replies Requests
Re: Bad Monkey - Switch Popping 2 replies Debugging
Re: Baby-8 Sequencer/LED driver 1 reply Synths & Noisemakers
Re: Baby-8 Sequencer/LED driver 3 replies Synths & Noisemakers
Re: TH Custom - Balanced Line Driver 3 replies Unverified Layouts
Re: Tiny Giant amp issue 1 reply Debugging
Re: recommend me a clean boost with a small footprint 0 replies Open Chat
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