just discovered a huge time saver for toner transfer...

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just discovered a huge time saver for toner transfer...

Sensei Tim
I discovered a trick that was a HUGE time saver for me last night.

You've all experienced it if you've been doing toner transfer using photopaper or presentation paper:

you iron it. you run it under water. you start peeling off the paper and you have all of these super thin bits of paper left in the tight corners or in the small features that are a PITA to remove.

my solution:

packing tape!

make sure everything on the box is dry.  cut a piece of tape, and put it on the enclosure over where the paper bits are and press it in with your finger and pull the tape off.

the white paper bits come off of the aluminum and the toner remains where it should, and you haven't scratched the toner off or anything... and you haven't spent a significant amount of time with a toothpick/tweezers/brush/whatever getting those bits out.