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cold toner transfer guide

ξεναγος νεκροπολης
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Hello guys!i'll try to write this guide with my stupid phone...i'm in work so don't tell my boss...!

As i wrote in the original threat i use these

I then put my 50%-50% sollution in that small bottle

I print the image on glosy paper with my laser printer

After enclosure sanding/cleaning, i drop a nice fat layer/film of the sollution on the enclosure surface.

Now it's time to get fast!!!

Lay the paper on the box and at that very first 2 seconds, move the paper in a small circle to help the solution go everywhere on the paper.

In the first 20 seconds be sure that you just help gendly with your fingers the solution to soak the paper.

After that, place a paper towel, and start pressing only vertical (!!!!!!)with your fingers

After 2 minutes of pressing,let it dry,and through it into the water.

in about 5 minutes it should be ok to start rubbing out the paper with your fingers.

The very last little pieces of paper are the tricky ones..
I use the light side of a dish washing sponge, to gendly rub the paper off using almost no pressure

And finished!!!