Transparent Mosfet Overdrive

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Transparent Mosfet Overdrive

Tom F
This is an update of a mosfet based boost/overdrive I posted a few months ago. As you can see, I've been spending a lot of time on the AMZ website:

Unlike my first design, which was essentially a Zvex SHO with a few mods, this design is composed of an AMZ mosfet boost used to produce anything from boost to drive, followed by a switch to add two different diode configurations for optional hard clipping, followed by another mosfet boost (which can be set internally  for clean volume to make up for output lost from the diodes, or to be pushed by the first stage for more saturation), into a Stupidly Wonderful Tone Control, and ending with a Jfet based output buffer.

Here's the vero layout I made up for this project:

Currently unverified, though I'm hoping to try it out this week as I have a free enclosure just begging to have a circuit built into it...