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Solid Gold FX If 6 was 9 -- In Progress with simple question

Hello All,

I am working on reverse engineering my BC183 if 6 was 9 fuzz pedal.  It is a first time effort on my end and I have run into a peculiarity.  On my first trace through the circuit I ran across two components that have one connection to nothing... For example, I look at pot B100K Pin 1 which connects to a 1M resistor which then connects to the board and nothing else, all of its traces lead to no further connections.  As far as my novice eyes could see at least.  

This leads me to the following question:  can components on a PCB need not be attached directly to ground for them to be "grounded"?

I will run through my traces over and over before I post my findings.  But I plan to post gut shots, traces, parts list, diode voltage drop since I can't tell what 1N4... it is, and a schematic once I get this grounding thing sorted.

Oh! to all the newbies in the same boat as I.  In order to see traces underneath soldered pots, place a flashlight (smart phone flashlight works well) faceup on a table and rotate the PCB over the light, the traces show up reaaallll sharp.