GGG Alembic Stratoblaster mini and MOJO layouts

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GGG Alembic Stratoblaster mini and MOJO layouts

Didn't see these on the main page on Vero... figured I'd post them. They are verified too. :). 1uf and higher work for the 1.5uf output cap with no noticeable bass roll off.... I used 3.3uf on the one I just made. The original used tantalum caps most likely for size since it was a onboard preamp. Change the input 100R resistor to 68k to be like the original circuit. I think the 100R like the GGG schematic sounded better to my ears. It's the Jerry Garcia Alligator guitar preamp if you need a idea of the tone that happens with this and a strat sparkle city.. -Ryan

Little one I cooked up a few mins ago....

My 5yr old Kate did the art on this one...

aka Built by Ryan
aka Frederickpdog