Deviever Hyperion guts switchable

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Deviever Hyperion guts switchable

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I´ve built quite a reasonable amount of layouts from this site, but never touched those tiny deviever boards till now. So I´m officially passing through that thing called "deviever fever proccess", where I just want to mix and blend all the stuff, (you know)...

I´m trying to isolate the silver crank from the dark boost, (Hyperion). The idea is having the dark boost switchable to be able to play the silver crank with or without it.

 I did it making one cut on the board and putting the lug 3 of intensity pot on a switch in such way that feeds whether just the silvercrank, (third row/right side of the board), or the whole normal hyperion, (dark boost+silver crank).

It sounds great, but I realized that I just like the silver crank when the intensity pot is cranked, (otherwise it gets sputtery and too gated), so having just one intensity control for both, that would limit the other hyperion gain settings.

The thing is that the way the intensity pot is wired, (input to intensity pot lug2 and lug1 to ground), when I try to feed the silver crank side with a direct signal to get full blast, if I move the intensity pot it will affect that signal as well, (I guess the signal gets drowned by lug1 of the intensity pot)
How should I wire the intensity pot or how could I get a signal independent from the pot to feed the silver crank?
Cheers, Gilberto.