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Devi Ever Hyperion 2

Peter Venkman
Ive made a few of these now and this isnt really a debugging question but more of a "I forgot some basic shit" kind of quarry.

The Layout calls for the Oscillation pot to be a 100K Linear, but I found that Im not really getting any real oscillation just sort of a broken up crunch with a 100K. So I tried lowering the pot all the way down to a 1k and found that 2K gives me a bout 3 useable settings on that pot, from off, 10% crackle, Complete chaos, and then off again as you turn the pot clock wise.

Am I going in the wrong direction here if I want to get more oscillation? Should I have lowered the pot value or increased it. I lowered it because I thought 100K was taking away the oscillations completely, but now Im beginning to wonder if I went higher with that pot Id have a wider range of resistance and be able to get oscillations across a broader sweep of the wiper. Am I thinking too much about this? This pedal is has replaced every Muff, Fuzz, distortion, and noise pedal on my board. I have built the Hyperion 1 and love it just as much, but would like to get more out of the oscillation pot of the 2 if possible.

Thanks for any info
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