Deep Blue Delay w/ modulation switch

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Deep Blue Delay w/ modulation switch

I built the Deep Blue Delay using Mark's layout (4 knob version) and it sounds great.  I decided to add the modulation daughterboard but I'm having some problems...

In the modulation thread (here) several folks seem to have the same problem, but I don't see a solution.  

The 3-way modulation switch is supposed to yield modulation / delay / modulated delay.  I get the modulation, I get the delay, but the third position doesn't have modulation on the repeats - just dry delay, same as position 2.

While troubleshooting, I tried disconnecting the wire running from the main DBD board to the Delay 1 lug.  That gets me modulated delay in position 3, but just dry signal (no delay) in positions 1 and 2.

I feel like I'm close - I'm just missing something.  Any ideas?