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Clari(not) - Clean Version Mod

Requesting some help on a "clean mod" layout for the already existing Clari(not).

Looking for all the weirdness & wobbles, but with completely non-distorted guitar signal.  In other words, no fuzz option, just the clean guitar tone with the Clari(not) craziness.

Fellow builder SpaceCommandant came across the following info:

From the pedal designer:

"If you'd like a truly clean clari, add a buffer on the front end (I use a jfet), split the signal to the 386, and the pt2399.
Replace the 100k resistor that feeds the PT with a 12k resistor.
For the buffer a standard J201 1m 10k setup, with two 10uf caps (one to the delay chip, one to the env follower)."

If anyone with more knowledge & expertise can help us out with a layout for this, I know at least 2 builders here that will be grateful!