Boss OD1A quad opamp first version...

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Boss OD1A quad opamp first version...

Didn't see this version on the main page.... I Cooked one of these up the other day sounds great on guitar so it's verified. Little bit of bass loss... if it bothers you change the 47nf cap off pin 6 to 100nf - 220nf and it'll bring the beef back. The Lm324 sounded nice to my ears. I'm a bassist mainly and I am still reworking this for that so I'll post another layout when I'm done tinkering with it later.... also 4148's sound fine. I did a 6 way rotary on the one I made and added stock, mosfet, and led clipping and a fat setting for each as well.

aka @builtbyryan

Also, there's clips of this and tons of other things I build on my Instagram account... @builtbyryan

the one I'm tinkering with....

aka Built by Ryan
aka Frederickpdog