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2 switching requests..

Hi i have 2 different requests for help with switching wiring.
Firstly say i wanted to build a pedal with a friedman dirty shirley and a beod. Hypothetically but i didnt want to stack, just an on/bypass switch and a channel a or b.. i think im being too paranoid its not that simple.

And secondly..
I want to build a dual delay pedal but i want to have a seitch that will wire it in series or run it in parallel.

Can anyone help me with both of these as diagrams? I cant seem to find anything on it and everytime i look i get aby boxes and thats not what im after.
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Re: 2 switching requests..

If you look at a DPDT like this

1 4
2 5
3 6

Lug 1 Friedman input
Lug 4 Friedman output

Lug 3 beod input
Lug 6 beod output

Now you look at lug 2 as the effect input which connects to the bypass switch
Likewise lug 5 becomes the effect output which connects to the bypass switch

Running the effects in parallel may require buffered splitting and mixing for the best sound. You could try connecting both delay inputs to each other and both delay outputs to each other and see how that sounds